• The Soulpreneur's Membership

    Soul Centered Social Media Marketing & Mindset Healing

    Step into Your Power!

    -Are you a business owner who is stressed out and overwhelmed by social media?
    -Are you a business owner who doesn't know how to create a social media strategy to grow your business?
    -Are you a business owner who spends time & energy on social media and still not getting the engagement or growth you want?
    -Are you a business owner who wants to learn how to grow your business on social media without spending money on ads?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, THEN THIS WAS CREATED FOR YOU!

  • The Soulpreneur's Membership is

    dedicated to helping YOU grow your business ORGANICALLY & AUTHENTICALLY!

    What's Included

    -Live group coaching call every month

    -Social Media Marketing Courses teaching you how to grow your business without spending money

    -New Course Every Month

    -Mindset Courses for shifting away from limiting beliefs

    -Members Only Facebook Group for 1:1 support


    Courses within Membership:

    -How to Create Effective Posts

    -How to Create Booking Links

    -How to Organically Market Business Events

    -How to Increase Engagement

    -How to Create an Effective IG Bio

    -How to Price Products/Services

    -How to Stay Consistent

    -How to Use Google Drive for Biz

    -How to Grow Email List

    -How to Leverage Groups

    -How to Find Your Desired Client

    -How to Create a Website

    -How to use Stories to Grow Biz

    -Niche Targeting Marketing

    -Grow Your Following


  • Empire Creators Membership

    Business & Mindset GrowthCancel Anytime


    Month to Month

    $450/one time fee

    for 1 year access

    (2 months fee)