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  • Benefits of Social Media Marketing

    Brand Awareness & Trust

    All social media accounts will reflect who you are as a brand and the difference you make.

    Account Growth & Relevant Followers

    Daily engagement keeps social media accounts consistent and current. New followers are gained through Niche Target Marketing.

    Real Engagement & True Customer Care

    We open the gates of communication with new followers and potential clients. Say goodbye to automatic messaging, we keep it authentic and personalize for each interaction.

    Increased Traffic & Results That Make a Difference

    All social media notifications are monitored and responded to within 24 hours. Traffic is analyzed daily to ensure quality and results. Monthly reports outline each social media accounts growth.

  • Social Media Management Package Includes

    We are the extension of your business & the creators of your vision.

    Social Media Audit

    Overview of your current social media accounts to see what is working, what is not working, and how to improve business growth on social media.

    Competitor Analysis

    Identify your competitors, evaluate their social media strategies, and assess what are the strengths and weakness to optimize your social media marketing.

    Hashtag Research

    Create the best hashtags to reach your desired clients and to improve your account growth. We narrow down the best performing hashtags for your business and add new ones weekly to continue building brand awareness for new potential clients.


    Social Media Strategy

    Establish your business goals and create a strategy how to fulfill your vision using social media marketing. Creating your distinct brand look across social media platforms, what content to post to attract desired client, establishing how to connect with desired clients, and setting measurable goals.

    Content Creation

    We create compelling, educational, thought-provoking, and visually interesting posts to attract and capture your desired client. All posts are scheduled at the best times specific to your accounts to get the highest engagement.

    Event Promotion

    Do you have any upcoming events? We create your event(s) on social media and market to targeted audiences for maximum exposure.

    Daily Monitoring of Accounts

    Worried about missing a comment or message from a potential client? We monitor your social media accounts daily to enhance overall customer service and sales conversions.

    New Follower Message

    We open the line of communication with every new follower you get on Instagram. Sharing who you are, what you offer, and how you can make a difference.

    Facebook & Instagram Engagement

    We focus on real connection. Social media is not just about posting; it is about being social. We find your desired clients and interact with them to build lasting relationships.

    Facebook & Instagram Story Posts

    With over 500 million daily active Instagram Stories users, we use stories to showcase business offerings, increase brand awareness, and improve follower engagement.

    Monthly Reports

    Is social media marketing working for you? We provide monthly reports to showcase social media account growth, how many people were reached, actions audience took, website traffic, and sales conversions.

  • All Other Things Marketing

    Happiness is the Key to Success!

    Social Media Training

    One on one social media sessions that will show you how to effectively use social media to connect with your desired clients, build brand awareness, increase following, and produce sales.

    Social Media Audits

    In depth look at your Facebook and Instagram analytics to see what can be changed, to elevate your business using social media. We will give you actionable suggestions to see a shift in social media performance.

    Hashtag Research

    Hashtags are the bridge between you and a potential client. We provide a 50+ hashtag templet that is relevant to your business niche and target audience.

    Competitor Analysis

    Find out your top three competitors on social media and what is working for them. You will receive what is working and what is not working to apply it to your social media growth.

    Email Marketing

    Whether you are looking to build an email list or effectively connect with those on your current email list, we assist you in creating a powerful strategy to connect with clients and have a call to action that makes a difference in your business growth.

    Website Design & Development

    Do you need a website or a facelift on your current site? We offer customized website design and development tailored to your style and business.

    Facebook Ads / Google Ads

    Want the ability to put your social media marketing content in front of your desired client? Facebook & Google Ads give you the ability to reach potential clients by age, gender, location, behavior, and interests.


    Having a website doesn't mean anyone is seeing it. Search Engine Optimization increase the visibility of viewers in the web search engine.

    Logo Design & Branding

    Starting a new business or need a new look? We offer customized logo design and brand development that communicates who your business is within a glance!

    Blog Posts / Marketing Content

    Not sure what to write for a blog post or article submission? Stuck on what to put on your marketing content such as flyers, business cards, banners, or brochures? We will create it for you!


    Refer a client that signs up for a Social Media Management Package and receive 1 month free of our Basic Social Media Management.

  • Who We Are

    More than Marketing

    Tawney Allen

    Social Media Marketer & Founder

    My purpose in life is shift perspective, elevate presence, and awaken greatness. It applies to my family, being a mother to my firecracker two year old Hazoul, social media clients, and through spiritual healing.


    My educational background is business management, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Through life experiences, personal development, and my passion for creating, Tealwing Marketing was created in 2017 to serve small businesses that deserve to have their vision be seen.


    I believe that alignment and living one's truth is the key to happiness.



    Tricia Campbell

    Content Creator & Visionary

    Home Life: I live in Ventura, CA with my wife. Our cats are our like kids.


    Must Haves: sparkles, crystals, books, coffee or chai, and something fuzzy.

    Unless the coffee isn't good.


    Fave Thing When Traveling: visit local coffee roasters, crystal stores, spiritual & book stores, and sacred places.


    Childhood Past-Times: read stories late into the night, under the covers, with a flashlight. Anything fantasy, mythology, alternate worlds, vampire lore, and anything dark.


    Fave Hobby: In grad school, I rediscovered my love for stories and for writing. It's become something that is really important to me, something I love to do, and isn't always easy but very therapeutic and cathartic.

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  • Community Group That Impacts Business


    In 2019, Tawney Allen created the Ventura County Business Women group to bring forth connection, empowerment, and expansion for local business women.


    Now with over 450 members, the group focuses on creating personal relationships with business women to do life with. Supporting personal and professional growth with monthly workshops and networking events.


    Welcoming women who work for a business, would like to start a business, or own a business.