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    Committed to empowering and expanding small business owners that do not have large marketing budgets, we will soon launch the membership! Full access to easy to learn and implement trainings to grow your business on social media without spending money!


    *No obligation if you register for the waitlist, you will just be the first to know about the membership launch and have access to a HUGE savings if you choose to enroll in the membership!

  • Who We Are

    We exist to EMPOWER & EXPAND businesses.

    Tawney Allen - Tealwing Marketing Agency Founder

    Tawney Allen

    CEO, Mother, & Lover of Life

    My purpose in life is to shift perspective, elevate presence, and awaken greatness. It applies to my family, being a mother to my firecracker three year old Hazoul, social media clients, and through spiritual healing.


    My educational background is in business management, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Through life experiences, personal development, and my passion for creating, Tealwing Marketing was created in 2017 to serve small businesses that deserve to have their vision be seen.


    I believe that alignment and living one's truth is the key to happiness.



    Tricia Campbell - Tealwing Marketing Agency Content Creator

    Tricia Campbell

    Content Creator & Visionary

    As a Content Creator, it is my purpose to provide you with innovative content using my intuitive writing style to align with your branded content, mission, vision, and voice.


    As a depth psychologist + Sacred Coach, I work with others to witness the sacredness in everyday life, as an invitation towards transformation. Some of the tools I use involve working with dreams, creative imagination, somatic mindfulness, and embodied writing.


    At the core of my being, I believe we all have the capacity to heal, we are not broken, nor do we need fixing. My hope is to help my clients to uncover their core wounds and how they hold you back and offer tools for healing that fit into everyday life.



    You can find out more and book sessions on my website.